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EDI Generator


The need for quick turnaround of transactions and accurate data transfer is more critical than ever. EDI Usage

1. Eliminates manual and duplicate entries

2. Dramatically improves speed

3. Improves operational efficiency

4. Drastically improves accurancy

5. Improves operational efficiency

6. Electronic Data interchange has become mandatory in Logistics industry to to Ports and Customs processing only Electronically filed data and manual documents are done away with


Customs Authority (India, UAE & Qatar)

Port Authority (India, UAE, Malaysia, Oman, Singapore & Qatar)

Main Line operators (Some of the MLOs like Hamburg Sud, Delmas, Hyundai, STX Pan Ocean, KMTC, ANL & UPS)

Feeder Lines

Traders / Shippers

NVOCC Lines (some of the NVOCCs like IAL, LMT, Qatar Navigation, Ceekay, ASJS & Bhavani)

Key Features

1. Provides multi data type integration (CSV, XML, Excel & UNEDI FACT, etc.)

2. Mixed data input types and output types

3. Intelligent analyser that highlights mismatches in the EDI data, and reduces user intervention to only exceptions

4. Provides EDI across mutliple platforms

5. Customisable to proprietary data interchange requirements