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Freight Forwarding


In order to meet the diverse requirements of the trading community Agency operations undertake Freight forwarding and other logistics operations like Air Freight, LCL consolidations etc. The eBMS team has enabled automation of these operations by simple processes that could meet such diverse and low revenue earning operations. Implementing a comprehensive system enables Freight forwarding companies to streamline operational and managerial process and gain better control of their business benefiting them and their customers


1. Track Jobs and Job costing by estimating margins right from enquiry stage

2. Revenue and profit management by automating work flows for transactions that dont match revenue norms

3. Tracking estimated and actual costs and margins Job Wise

4. Better financial management due to real time invoicing and receivables management.

5. Remove Duplication of work once for local requirements and once for Principal requirements

6. Operations by sharing of information across all functions

7. Better financial management due to real time invoicing and receivables management


IAL Logistics Emirates LLC

Penguin Shipping Emirates LLC, Abu Dhabi

Penguin Shipping Emirates

Ceekay Shipping LLC

Eastern Marine Bndg

Vasco Goodrich Maritime LLC

Alligator Shipping LLC

Milaha Logistics

Aquarius Maritime Pvt. Ltd.

Safewater Line Pvt. Ltd.

Freight Bridge logistics Pvt. Ltd

Orchid Shipping Ltd.

Rushabh Sealink Pvt. Ltd.

Red Eagle Shipping Agencies Ltd.

IAL Logistics Muscat

Stellar Logistics (James Mackinstosh Group)

Goodrich Maritime Pvt. Ltd.

James Makintosh LLC

Customs Clearing


eBMS Customs Clearing Solution provides for centralised management of all customs declaration activities, delivering operational efficiency and financial management benefit for organisations of all sizes. The Customs clearing solution has the following key features A complete Customs declaration engine with the Duty tariffs and schemes - This makes customs documentation for Exports and Imports extremely easy, quick and accurate. The vast database of Duty Tariffs and Customs notifications and related schemes, makes work very simple for the Clearing house agents - from computing the duty, to printing the checklist, to filing the Declaration EDI integration to Customs - ICEGATE ( All India) , QCCSW ( Qatar Customs Clearance Single Window) , Dubai Trade ( integrated with DPA systems for Manifest) With the Customs providing online submission of Manifest and declaration data, eBMS has developed the required Customs specific EDI that enables the customer to directly file the Declaration through SMTP or SFTP or web upload EDI integration customised to customers / traders/ shippers application for Invoices, Packing list, Manifest data - Based on the business applications being used by forwarders, Shippers, eBMS provides customised EDI integration to capture data which ensures accuracy and speed of data processing, which is critical for Customs clearing, given the short time window for clearing the cargo eBMS Workflows and Forwarding solution integration - Once integrated with the eBMS Freight Forwarding solution, the data is seamlessly captured and processed for


1. Shipment tracking

2. Job card updates of costs and revenues

3. Invoicing and tracking of unbilled revenues

4. Payments and tracking vendor invoices

5. Duty payments and reimbursements there of

6. This provides complete control to the businesses from Receiving the document till Proof of delivery and from creating the job card to revenue tracking and job completion / closing.

7. With integrated alerts and intutive workflows, the solution provides control over costs and revenue and receivables


United Parcel Service ( UPS) Part of GAC Doha.

Milaha Logistics.