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Vessel Repairs & Maintenance Management


Seamless Work Flow - With eBMS Repairs Workshop Solution, the repair work shop would be able to track the progress of the repair order from opening, to ready for invoice, to approval and finally to invoicing. This work flow can be customized based on our system parameters to reduce the number of steps to go from open to invoice.

Efficiency - eBMS Repairs Workshop software provides a configuration of standard Repair types/ repair activities, which can be selected for any Work order. With easy navigation, the work order can move from one status to another without approvals/ planning steps.

Search - With easy navigation, it would be possible to quickly work through open repair orders to get an understanding of work-in-progress and manage the customer expectation.

Multi-Location - eBMS Repairs Workshop software is designed with multiple locations in mind. From one screen, it would be possible to monitor the work at all repair locations. This can be extended to handle mobile technicians activities as well.

Real-Time Costing and Pricing - As the repair work on an equipment is carried out, the Work order provides Estimates and actual running total on the charges. When someone calls, the cost of the work-in-progress job can be given immediately.

Drill-Down - Using drill-down capabilities within eBMS Repairs Workshop software, it would be possible to view the details of the units, the item, the equipment owner etc.